Big Red Art And Design

Solace in Solitude. Maybe. Maybe not. One thing is certain… I have spent much of my life in solitude. I learned at a young age to become content with my own company. With too many allergies and sensitivities to list, and the related health issues a persistent annoyance, my interaction with the external world is often challenging. The realms of environmental illnesses and auto-immune disorders.

I am at peace in solitude most of the time. It’s what I know best. At other times it tests me. A self-imposed isolation to mitigate chronic illness. Observing the world from a distance. Accepting that I am allergic to the world. The longing to live closer to nature and travel the world – off the beaten path.

The pull is palpable. It’s always there. And it’s in the art – intended or not. Nature and landscape: those brightly coloured paintings and meticulously shaded illustrations. Zen moments where I lose time and thought and feel a peaceful connection to the nature I rarely visit. Figurative and surreal: those intensely coloured paintings of stretched, contorted and otherworldly figures. Confining, resisting, dreaming, persevering. Not so zen moments where the peace gives way to aggravation of personal and worldly circumstances.